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Trees are a very important part of any residential or commercial landscape installation. They greatly enhance the value of any property. Not only are trees a visual enhancement, they also help protect property from harsh heat by providing shade, and can act as a protective covering from heavy wind and hail. Additionally, trees can be used to provide a natural privacy barrier.

What Types of Trees Does Green Trade Carry:

We carry a wide variety of Oaks, Maples and Magnolias. Some of our popular ornamentals include Crape Myrtle, Cherries, Redbuds and Dogwoods. If you're looking for native Georgia trees our Tulip Poplar and Scycamore selection may work for you. Because it is often requested we stock a wide variety of Japanese Maples.

Primarily we stock container grown trees but can also order B&B to supply your landscape project. If it is available, we can get the tree you are looking for, or we can offer anacceptable substitution.

maple trees

Our Most Popular Trees

Landscape designers tend to work with trees they know will be beautiful, and also have easy maintenance and a long life. Some of the most popular choices include Japanese Maples, Red Maples, Willow Oaks and Magnolias.

Yes! We Can Special Order Trees

Occasionally a client may want a specific tree that we do not have at our facility. In that case, if it is available on the market and logistically feasible to get it to our nursery we are happy to special order trees.

Additionally, if you are looking for a tree to fit specific needs, we'll be happy to recommend species that will meet your requirements.

When is the Best Time to Plant Trees?

Fall/Winter and early spring are the best times to plant trees because they are dormant and thus easier to transplant. However, container trees and pre-dug B&B can be planted anytime as long as you provide the proper care (i.e. extra watering, mulch).

What is the Minimum Order for Trees?

If it is on our yard then there is no minimum to order. If we have to order the tree from one of our many suppliers the minimum order depends on your patience level or your budget. If you are willing to pay the freight we can order small quantities within a few days or we can bring in the trees you need once we are able fill a truck from that nursery location (a few days to a few weeks).

Green Trade Nursery Tree Guarantee

Green Trade guarantees trees to be healthy and alive at the time of purchase. Since we have no control over the care of the tree once it leaves our nursery we can offer no guarantee beyond that.
*We do guarantee trees that were bought in dormancy to leaf out the following spring.