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shrubs from green trade of jasper georgia

A shrub is a small to medium sized woody plant. It will typically have multiple stems at the base. Shrubs are distinguished from trees by having multiple stems and a shorter height. Some plants can grow as shrubs or rtrees depending on the growing conditions.

What Are Some God Applications For Shrubs?

The diversity in types and sizes of shrubs allows for multiple applications in the landscape. Common uses would be hedges, under plantings, mass plantings or as a stand-alone specimen.

What Types of Shrubs Does Green Trade Carry?

Green Trade sells a wide variety of the most popular shrubs on the market. Due to the ever growing list of new and specialty cultivars, we do not stock them all, but we can order just most plants (or a similar substitution) when given sufficient time.

*Ordering times will vary depending on quantity and location of the item

What Shrubs Do We Recommend?

Recommendations on shrub types vary with the needs of the application, and we are happy to offer our expertise and opinions when presented with your particular landscape project. It can be helpful to stop by our facility so that you can see the actual shrubs in person to verify they would be a good visual enhancement to your design.

Some of Our Popular Shrubs

Some popular choices for shrubs include Hollies, Azaleas, Shrub Roses, Loropetalum deciduous and evergreen flowering shrubs and more.

When is the Best Time to Buy Shrubs

Shrubs can be purchased at any time. Spring and Fall are the busy season and the best time for planting – this is the time of year where our nursery stock will be the most plentiful and diverse.

Green Trade Shrub Guarantee

Green Trade guarantees that the plants are healthy at time of purchase. Due to the fact that we have no control over the care and conditions of plant material at your yard or jobsite we cannot offer any guarantee once it leaves the nursery.